Shifter Paddles have always been a very popular choice for shifting duties on many a race car. Now with the wide selection of race cars now available in the sim racing world putting them on your sim wheel is really a smart choice.
I have 2 materials they can be fabricated from. Carbon fiber and G10. Here is a example of both side by side.
This is also my standard shape and size of paddle. You will find it on most of my wheels.
I have done custom shapes and sizes as well and can do any that you may require for your wheel. Here is a few examples of those.
So have design in mind or have you seen a set on a real race wheel and would like to replicate them?
Or have special needs and want to drive 1 handed and have both your shifter paddles on 1 side of the wheel?
I can do that. Your paddles your way. In the shape, size and location you want.
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